Think of it as personality dialysis...

So like..

Tumblr’s been pissing me off lately and I cannot deal anymore. Like some of you are really fucking annoying. And it doesn’t help my already high blood pressure that I’m pissed off daily in my personal life and then I sign into Tumblr looking for some release and I get even more pissed off because of the amount of arrogance and ignorance that emanates from some of you. I could go on a long ass rant detailing how I feel about some of the things I’ve read or seen on this site, listing the specific people I’d like to run over repeatedly with my car.. but there isn’t nearly enough time in the world for that.

So I’m taking a long hiatus mostly because of the aforementioned reason and because I’m too busy with my classes and my personal issues to deal with this bullshit. I can only ‘ignore’ and ‘unfollow’ so many people before my fingers get sore to the point of cramping.

Feel free to unfollow me if you must. I don’t really care either way. And I’m sure the feeling’s mutual. Have a great day.

I think I’ve blocked at least 50 people tonight. I’d say it’s time for me to knock out.

Goodnight assholes.



It’s uncomfortable and yet fascinating to watch people on Tumblr rail against Kristen Stewart for being clearly uncomfortable in the spotlight when so many people on Tumblr have the same sorts of social anxiety and issues. 

Chiiiiiild the comments on my dashboard talking about Kristen Stewart presenting with Daniel Radcliffe. The rage is coming from 99% girls and I cannot even.

I need to sign out of Tumblr right now because I’m way too heated for this.


soon Meryl Streep will appear on stage taking all the oscars while singing the winner takes it all I can feel it

I’m cryign someone help

I’m cryign someone help